The View from Shiudeyama

Chichibugahama Beach

Takayajinja shrine [Torii in the sky]

Zenigatasunae, the sand picture

The big tree in Shishijima

Nio sun-beach

Flower park Urashima

Kazurabashi bridge

Honenike pond dam

The sunset in Nio

Astronomical observation

A major Japanese travel magazine "Jalan","Best Sunset Spots to Visit"
"Chichibugahama Beach" at Kagawa Prefecture was ranked first place.

A major Japanese travel magazine "Jalan","Best View & Good Luck Spot"
"Takaya Shrine" at Kagawa Prefecture was ranked 2nd place.

The New York Times Online, "52Places to Visit in 2019"
Only "Setouchi Islands" was selected from Japan, and a photo taken from Mt. Shiude was introduced.

One minute from the beach, Fantastic sunset ocean view house.

Located only one minute from the beach to view the beautiful sunset of the Seto Inland Sea. There are many sightseeing spots nearby, such as Chichibugahama Beach which is similarity to Salar de Uyuni (Bolivian Salt Flats), Takaya shrine and Mt. Shiude. Enjoy the home-cooked dinner and relax in the Japanese old house like staying in your home.

"MATCHA," WEB magazine for tourists visiting Japan, introduced our guesthouse.
"A Gorgeous Sunset! 5 Ways to Enjoy Chichibugahama Beach in Kagawa"