By Train

Get off at “Takuma Station(詫間駅)” or “Kanonji Station(観音寺駅)” on the JR Yosan Line. Then, take a Mitoyo community bus to “Soho-Uranotani(曽保浦の谷)”. It takes about a minute of walk from the bus stop to the guest house. The bus is not available on Sunday and holiday, so please contact us in advance, and we will pick you up at the nearest station “JR Hijidai Station(比地大駅)”

By Car

It takes about 20 minutes from the “Mitoyo Tossaka(三豊鳥坂)” Inter Change or “Sanuki Toyonaka(讃岐豊中)” Inter Change on the Takamatsu Expressway. You can enjoy the ocean view at the exit of the tunnel located on Prefectural Route 271. If you find a difficulty setting the address on the car navigation system, set “Nio Sun Beach” as the destination.

By Airplane

It takes about 60 minutes from the airport by car. If you are going to use public transportation, please use a limousine bus from the airport to “JR Marugame Station(丸亀駅)”. From JR Marugame Station, you will travel by train. Please read the “By Train” section as well.
*Udon Shattle Bus from Takamatsu airport to Mitoyo city by Kotoden Bus. Attention:It stops at Chichibugahama beach, does not stop the “Soho-Uranotani” in front of the guest house.


Bus & Other Information

Mitoyo community bus from “Takuma Station” or “Kanonji Station” stop at “Soho-Uranotani(曽保浦の谷)” bus stop. The bus route is “Nio Line(仁尾線)”, the fee is 100 yen regardless of the distance. There are few buses, so please check the Bus Timetable (11) Nio Line [Takuma Station ⇔ Mitoyo General Hospital]in advance.

The guest house is located along Prefectural Route 21. When you see a small sign beside the bus stop, go up the slope and immediately turn right into the paved road. There’s a parking at the far end.

*Udon Shattle Bus from Takamatsu airport to Mitoyo city by Kotoden Bus.
*Hearts shattle bus from JR Takuma station or JR Kanonji station by Mitoyo Chuo Kanko Bus.
These shattle bus stop at Chichibugahama beach, do not stop the “Soho-Uranotani” in front of the guest house.

*Rental Car
You can rent a car or a bike at JR station. We will introduce the rental car office to you and you will have a special discount in some cases. Full Throttle.

Takuma Kōtsu (詫間交通) TEL:0875-83-3136
Sakura Taxi (さくらタクシー) TEL:0875-72-5048
Kawata Taxi (河田タクシー) TEL:0875-82-2918


Bird’s-eye View


Map of the Surrounding Area