About us

A rustic Japanese house surrounded by beautiful nature

The guest house is located in south of Nio town, which has a lot of mountains and beautiful beaches. Our guest house is along the coastline and there are mandarin orange fields around the house. We have a dog named Haku in the garden. You can view the sea from the window of guest house. The corridor from the entrance connects to the Japanese traditional rooms. Although the building is more than 40 years old, we hope you enjoy staying at the house and relax like your home.

Home-cooked dinner with local products

In Kagawa Prefecture, Mitoyo, you can enjoy a variety of vegetables and fruits thanks to the warm and sunny climate. Also, this area faces the sea and is rich in marine foods. We will welcome you with home-cooked dishes full of fresh local vegetables and seafood. We make salad dressing, miso, pickled plums and some fermented foods. We grow some organic vegetables and mandarine oranges in our garden.

Our message

Love nature, art, music and Lifestyle DIY

We moved to Mitoyo from Tokyo in 2016 to look for the new exciting life. We came to think that “We want to raise our children in a rich nature.” “We want to start something new in our 40’s.” “We want to live with something we made.” It took about two years to look for the new place and at last we moved here. We would like the guests to know the local charm and new life values.

2015First visit to Mitoyo city.
2016Move to Mitoyo from Tokyo and to start self-renovation of the guest house. Our second daughter enters elementary school.
2017Open the guest house and to start self-renovation of our home.
2018Finish renovating our girl’s room.
2019Finish renovating the entrance, bedroom and boy’s room. Our eldest daughter enters junior high school, our son enters elementary school.
2020The living room will be completed.